New Creations Christian Boarding School

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New Creations Christian Boarding School is a behavior modification facility located just on the state border between Indiana and Ohio [1].

Program structure

The program use a level system with 5 levels working on several area forming the mind of the teenager [2]. Each level is divided into 3 sub-levels called C, B and A. The detained teenager starts on sub-level C named "probation", B is named "Stable" and A is advancement.

Here is a chart describing the system.

Levels Spritual stages Stages Expectation Attitude Program time Approx. age Equivalent
1C Washed - Sinner Recognize the problem Danger Abandoned 6 - 12 months 0 - 6
1B New Action Sweetheart / Danger Confused / Abandoned 12 - 18 months 6 - 12
2C Washed - Salvation
2A Sanctification - Life in Christ Habit Sweetheart / Headache Thanks / Recognize love 12 - 15
3B Justification - Holy Spirit Control Tendency Succeeding Normality 18 - 24 months 16 - 17
4C Justification - Freedom in Christ Will 18 - 20
4A Character Development Stability +24 months 20 - 22

Beside the levels in the chart two levels called "Entry" and "Restriction" are mentioned.


When a teenager is detained in the program and placed on "Entry" level the first 30 days, he or she are not allowed to speak to other detainees unless a detainee on level 1A or higher is present. The detained teenager is not allowed to see his or her parents, while placed on this level. No phonecalls are allowed. Only two letters in and out are allowed and they may only be from / to the parents [2].

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