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New Haven RTC is a behavior modification facility located near Provo, Utah

It was founded by Kathy McGregor and the late Mark McGregor in 1995.

They can detain 64 girls aged 13 to 17. [1]. They have a north and a south campus [2][3].

Program structure

The use a level system, which consist of six levels named:

  • Safety: Senior teenager are assigned to the newcomer and stays with her the entire time in order to explain rules and introduce persons in the program. This stage can last for days.
  • Expectation: The teenager is allowed visitation on Campus, she has to be visible to staff all time, she can call parents only unsupervised for 20 minutes per week and may be allowed to sleep in her own room. She may join the other detained teenagers on of campus activities.
  • Exploration: The detained girl is allowed to be out of sight for 15 minutes and may also leave campus with parents as long as she stays in Utah, but no over-night stays are allowed. The phonecall are allowed to last 30 minutes.
  • Insight: Approved overnight visits are allowed, phonecall may be 60 minutes for family and calls to friend lasting 10 minutes are allowed, taking courses outside the inhouse "school" is allowed.
  • Integrity: There is no timer on calls to parents, friend may be contacted for 15 minutes, she may go on visits with family and friends.
  • Interdependence: May earn own money, may be on her own with clearance from director, however unless she has been allowed she still have to participate in therapy and "school" on campus.

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