New Horizons for Young Women

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New Horizons for Young Women is a behaivor modification program based on the use of wilderness therapy.

It is located in Maine.

The target group is girls only aged 13 to 18. According their webpage the program last between 6 and 9 weeks.

It was founded in year 2000. Among the founders are Jacqueline Danforth - daughter of Barbara Walters.

While the program sticks out by having a webpage for the girls to read before they enter the program, which is uncommon and directly against the common advice in other programs, where they warns parents against discussing the issues before enrolling their child into programs, this program still allows the use of escort firms. That is the main reason for the program to be registered on this webpage [1] [2]

If your daughter has reacted to your decision by increasing the level of tension in the family, you may consider hiring a transport service to come to your home and transport her to the program. If this is your only option, your educational consultant or our links page can provide you with transport information.

Program Structure

The detained girls are grouped in units of 5 - 6 girls.

The wilderness program is stated to last between 6 and 9 weeks.

The hike for four or five days and stay two or three days in base camp.

Daily schedules


A day at base camp
07:30 Wake up
08:00 Breakfast
08:30 Clean up
09:00 Therapy
10:00 Planned activity
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Quiet hour
14:00 Firewood
15:00 Laundry
16:00 Planned activity
17:00 Dinner prep
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Clean up
20:00 Goal setting group
21:00 Crafts
22:30 Bed

A day on a expedition
07:30 Wake up
08:00 Breakfast
08:30 Clean up
09:00 Head out on hike, paddle, or snowshoe tour
10:00 Continued expedition
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Continue expedition (generally 8 miles a day)
14:00 Continued expedition
15:00 Continued expedition
16:00 Continued expedition
17:00 Dinner prep
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Clean up
20:00 Campfire debriefing of day’s events
21:00 Continued defriefing
22:30 Bed


The only mean of communication is by letters. They allow letters between parents, siblings, grandparents and the detained girl.

The letters are checked by the staff before being handed to the detainee. In the material given to the families, the program warns the parents against believing what their daugther writes to them.


October 2008 the management announced that they will close the program due to the financial situation [3]

External Links

Info pages

Survivor groups

Message boards


  1. For Daughters, program homepage
  2. For parents, program homepage
  3. New Horizons For Young Women Closing, published on - industry marketing firm, October 9 2008