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Northwest Academy (NWA) is a behavior modification facility located west of Naples, Idaho. The official address is 1 Ruby Creek, Naples, Idaho 83847, but in fact it is placed at a small sideroad north of the Ruby Creek road at an intersection called Deep Creek [1].

According by NATSAP the program was founded in 1994 [2]

The program targets older teenagers aged 16 ½ to 18, who need long schooldays in order to complete high school. They can detain 80 teenagers in a program that last 12 months [3]

It was established as a part of the CEDU school system. It is presently owned by Universal Health Services, Inc.


Before entering the facility the family are ordered to banish their teenager to a wilderness therapy program.

The admission agreement mentions a mandatory parent conference. Parents conferences early in the program is often used to teach parents into believing that complaints from the detained teenager has to be considered as manipulation [4].

The admission agreement also mentions discovery and life challenge field trips, which reminds of the damaging LGAT seminars once used by the original CEDU.

Northwest Academy has gone through several transitions in its history. Initially it was primarily used as a dumping ground for students at RMA, BCA, or RS who were thought to be incorrigible. During this incarnation the program was more rustic than its sister schools, and more closely resembled a long-term Ascent. After a riot in 1996 NWA went through a transitional phase where it more closely resembeled the other CEDU schools. Students went through a 2.5 year curriculum with the normal compliment of propheets, sometimes visiting BCA or RMA to go through I and Me or Summit workshops. Finally NWA shortened its program and began to specialize in older teens, particularly those with drug problems. NWA is currently being run by Universal Health Systems.


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