Noupoort Christian Care Centre (South Africa)

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Current status Unknown
Checked March 11, 2013
Open.gif Opened 1992

Noupoort Christian Care Centre is a military styled rehab facility located in Noupoort, South Africa.

Program structure

According to a newspaper article a typical day consist of [1]:

  • Cleaning
  • Bible study
  • 5km run.
  • Breakfast consisting of porridge and bread for breakfast
  • More running and other physical exercises, like the obstacle course.
  • Lunch could be lunch either lamb, stew or fish


All letters are censored and any criticism of the centre is excised.


  • Year 2000 the son of a former police commissioner hanged himself at the facility. He was 47 and addicted to Dormicum sleep tablets [2]
  • May 2001 a 16 year old was found dead. He had been chained by the neck so he couldn't stand or sit. He was strangled [3] [4]
  • June 2001 a 16 year old boy was admitted to the hospital while he was forced through the program. He died from untreated diabetes [5]
  • 2002 two adult detainees reported that they had been tortured in the facility when they was found in possession of alcohol. The torture included use of electrical shocks and cold water being pured over them while they were in chains [6]
  • 2003 two men escaped the facility. They were covered with sores and bruises from alleged abuse. 3 employees were arrested on assault charges on another young man [7]
  • 2004 it was reported that the authorities had closed the facility, [8] but the orders of the authorities were challenged and somehow the facility was allowed to remain open [9]
  • 2005 a family sought to have their adult son removed from the facility because they feared for his life [10]
  • 2009 it was reported that a person who had escaped was sent back on court order [11]

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