Oakley School

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 120
Checked April 26, 2017
Open.gif Opened 1998
Close.gif Closed 2017

Oakley school is placed on the right of West Weber road just opposite the exit to North Bench Road [1]. The address is West Weber Canyon Road - Peoa, Summit, Utah 84061.

It did open in 1998 and have room for 120 detainees [2].

It is owned by Aspen Education Group.

Program structure

They have a level system with 5 levels called Lower, Entry, Middle, Upper, and Advanced Form

With each level a certain number of privileges are given.

Detainees who enter the facility start on Entry. Lower level is for punishment only.

Living conditions

The detainees live in two dorms, which are gender separated. Inside each dorm there are wings where 16 detainees are sleeping.

A detainee shares his or her room with three others. There is a bathroom in each room, and each deatainee have a bunk, a desk, storage shelves for clothing and books, and a lockable cabinet for valuables.


A mandatory part of the program is community service, which is regarded as a punishment only in most cultures [3] [4].

In the news

  • In 2017 the administration announced that the school would be closing June 2017 [5]

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