One Way Farm Childrens Home

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Checked December 23, 2011

One Way Farm Childrens Home is a group home located on 6131 River Road, Fairfield, Ohio [1]

On their homepage they state that the goal of the facility is to:

  • Provide temporary shelter for young people in need of temporary care.
  • When providing long-term care and placements, there are many behavior problems to overcome.
  • When teaching love by being a model of love that can be secured by ongoing patience.
  • One Way Farm Children's Home is a community-based alternative for youths that do not require institutionalization in a secure facility but needs short-term placement or temporary care, therefore, the interaction is of the utmost importance.
  • Furnish programs for children who are mentally disabled, have been abused, or have multiple disabilities creating assurance of their safety.
  • Provide an Animal Education Therapy Program for children who live at One Way Farm Children's Home.

In the news

A 16-year-old ended up in crtical condition after an asault [2]. Some counties removed their children due to the seriousness of the assault [3]. The 16 year old Anthony Parker died december 28, 2011 [4]

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