Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls

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Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls is a boarding school near Henley-on-the-klip in South Africa [1]

The teenagers attending the school is South Africa girls grades 7 through 12.

Besides normal education the school also teach "life skills", which makes it a behavior modification facility.

Program structure

Living conditions

The teenagers live in dorms. Three dorms are for junior girls and three other for senior girls. There are also a gymnasium, a theatre, a wellness center and classrooms in other buildings [2]. They eat in a dining hall.


March 2007 the rules of communication with family and friends were one vist per month and very restricted rules about the use of cellphone and e-mail. If the parents bring any form of food, the teenager are punished by loosing points [3].

In the news

In may 2007 two girls did leave the school because they became victim of bullying primarely due to culturel differences [4]. They were not allowed to speak their native language with each other.

In Movember 2007 claims of abuse were made in various newspapers. A staff member faced 13 charges of indecent assault, assault and criminal injury committed against at least six students aged 13-15 and a 23-year-old at the school. Among the incidents were teenagers being beaten, thrown into walls, verbally abused and choked [5]. The staff member was arrested and later released on bail [6]

In April 2008 the number of teenagers abused by staff members are noted to be 13.

In April 2008 a girl was expelled after suffering af mental breakdown [7]. Another report mentions at least three suicide attempts since the school opened [8] [9].


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