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Oure Efterskole is a continuation school in Denmark. It is located in a village called Oure [1].

The school specialize in offering different kind of sports in relationship with the year the child is banished from his or her home.

Program structure

Living conditions

They live in small dorms with 9 to 16 adolescents. Each room inside the dorms have sleeping arrangements for 2-4 adolescents.

The meals are consumed in a hall. Each dorm are assigned weeks where they are in charge of making food for the entire school. Each dorm has a dorm parent, which deals with various problems from case to case.


General education on the same level as the public school are offered. Such facilities have to meet standards by the department of education in Denmark. They offer form 9 and 10 equal to the public schools in Denmark. They also run a boarding school offering a high school exam.


In 1996 they were involved in a dispute with the department of education regarding fonding [2].

In 2006 the high school department was sued by a parent [3]. The case was later dismissed but the department of education in Denmark was surprised that the facility lacked knowledge about the correct procedure [4].

November 2008 it was revealed that the staff had gained access to text messages and photos on the adolescents private cell phones. The staff claimed that the adolescents gave their permission voluntary, but the adolescents claimed that they were pressured which would have been a violation of Danish privacy laws [5]

It is also a question whether the UN convention regarding privacy of the adolescent has been violated [6].

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