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===Survivor groups===
===Survivor groups===
*Survivor group: [ Group for people, who has been at a wilderness program and have survived to tell their story], ''Myspace''
*Survivor group: [ Group for people, who has been at a wilderness program and have survived to tell their story], ''Myspace''
*Survivor group: [ Pathfinders Wilderness Grads], ''Myspace''
===Message boards===
===Message boards===

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Pathfinders Wilderness Program was a wilderness program, which were operating in the northern of Colorado in the late 90's.

Whether it is still in operation is not determined. It is mentioned at a webpage, but it is not yet determined whether it is the same program [1].

They were used as punishment by the Cascade School for runaways and severe rule breakers.

Among the founders was Mike Parr - a former employee from Rocky Mountain Academy.

In the news

The local police investigated them for child abuse. Among the claims were: punched in the face, slammed into trees and made to eat their vomit. When police were present, the detained teenager could show them that they were forced to carry their own excrement in their pockets [2]. At the time they were not license to operate in the state of Colorado.

According to the article some of the teenagers were sent to the hospital due to the order by the authorities:

A 15-year-old girl was evacuated from the camp by horseback on Friday and a 14-year-old boy was removed Sunday. Colorado health officials said they contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a severe skin infection.

Both were hospitalized. The girl was in fair condition with severe, infectious wounds on her left hand, but the infection was under control, authorities said. The boy's condition wasn't released.

They were also hit by a lawsuit [3]

An article on a site that functions as marketing firm for the industry mention the closure of the program in Colorado, but it remains unclear if they have started up in another state [4].


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