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Phoenix Outdoor is a behavior modification program marketed as a wilderness program. The main office is located on 363 Graphite Road, Old Fort, North Carolina [1].

The address is shared with SUWS of North Carolina and a coaching firm founded by Taylor Wood, who was a former detainee from the program. He is now offering coaching to the teens [2]

It was founded in 2005 [3].

The targetgroup is youth between 13 and 17.

The length of the program is 21 days minimum.

Program Structure

The program starts at the base camp and then the teenagers are sent on wilderness treks on pre-approved rutes [4].

Living standards

While at the base camp the detained teenagers sleep at tent platforms. If the weather is bad they can sleep in a student lodge where bathrooms also are used when they return from wilderness treks. All the rooms have alarms, so the teenagers can be "contained" [5].


One of the founders moved on and founded yet another program [6]


July 2009 three of the detained teenagers in the program managed to run away. Two where captured [7].

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