Randall Hinton

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Criminal conviction
Defendent: Randall Hinton
Punishment: 25 days jail
1 year probation
Issued: November 19, 2007
Source: [1]

Randall Hinton is a former manager of several programs, which he co-founded.

He is also mentioned in the documentary about Tranquility Bay where he worked in the 1990's. Presently he should be working in the car retail industry

Past career

Firm Period Position
Tranquility Bay ? Therapist
White River Academy 2002 - ? Located in Costa Rica and marketed under the name "White River Adventure"
Kemper Military School ? Project to start a new facility at the old campus - project never realized
Royal Gorge Academy 2006 - 2008 Worked at the facility until his conviction

Justin Nielson

One of the co-founders of White River Academy.


  1. Randall Hinton Sentenced to Jail for Bloody Assault on Child, By Tracy Harmon, November 20, 2007 (Re-print from WWASP blog