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*Info: [ Suvivors of abusive programs] - about us
*Info: [ Suvivors of abusive programs] - about us
*Info: [ How Faith Based Initiatives help unlicensed reform schools thrive], by Michele Ulriksen, ''Rational Atheist''
*Info: [ How Faith Based Initiatives help unlicensed reform schools thrive], by Michele Ulriksen, ''Rational Atheist''
*Info: [ Roloff Homes former inmates - NOW SPEAKING OUT], myspace survivor account
===Survivor groups===
===Survivor groups===

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Rebekah Home for girls was a behavior modification facility located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

It was founded by Lester Roloff in 1967. After his death the home was ran by the Camerons.

The state of Texas had on several occations tried to regulate the facility so the detained girls could live under humane conditions, but the home managed to stay unregulated for a number of years until the authorities caved in and acredited the facility [1]

It closed around 2001.

Program structure

This facility use corporal punishment

The program consisted of forced attendance of prayer, church visits and isolation from the family until the detained girls had accepted the Christian lives, expected by the facility and their parents.

There was a kind of level system where the girls with seniority in the system (named Helpers) handed demerits out for wrong-doings, which could be talking about "worldly" things, singing songs other than gospel songs, speaking too loudly, doodling, nail biting, looking at boys in church, failing to snitch on other sinners. Three demerits resulted in a lick (See under consequences.)

Living conditions

In the facility there were no televisions, no radios, no magazines.


  • Speaking of anything worldly was forbidden, as was singing worldly songs.
  • Meeting eyes with boys in church was barred.
  • Letters going both in and out of the home were read first by the staff and censored.
  • Phone calls, which could be placed only to family members, were monitored.
  • No conversations were private, since staff listened in on the intercoms that were installed in each bedroom


  • Licks: Being spanked with a wood paddle.
  • Confinement: Spending weeks hanging her head without speaking or making eye contact with anyone.
  • Sitting on the wall: Being required sitting with the back against a wall and without the support of a chair, even as the legs buckled beneath the girl being punished.
  • Kneeling: Being ordered to kneel, while either have two bibles resting on each outstretched palm or with pencils wedged between the legs.
  • The lockup: An isolation room used as solitary confinement. During the stay in the lockup a tape recorder with hourlong prayers from the pastor would play in loops. The detained girl could use a toilet but there was no possibility to wash or bath. Girls have told of terrible smelling survivors of the lockup when they were released after a month of isolation.


Pregnant girls were sent to another Roloff home in another state and forced to give their child up for adoption. One of these typical cases can be learned about in a child seeking mother group [2]

I was four yrs old when my mother was sent to the Lester Roloff, Rebekah Home for Girls, in Corpus Christi, TX. She was then flown to Thomaston, GA. to give birth. Assumption is that the baby was born in Upson Regional Medical Center. The baby, a girl, was born 6/13/69.

In the news

In 1999, the state of Texas found evidence of physical abuse and neglect at the Roloff Homes’ Rebekah Home for girls. Faye Cameron was founded guilty and as a part of the conviction, she was never allowed to work with children again in the state of Texas.


  1. Remember the Christian Alamo, By Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly, December 2001 (Reprint from Project Nospank)
  2. adoptee - adoptee looking for birth mother, Yahoo group

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