Red River Academy

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Red River Academy is the newest school related to the WWASP organization. The facility is located on 2810 Highway 71, Lecompte, Louisiana 71346 [1].

The building used to be an old nursery home.

Program structure

They use a WWASP level system

A typical day

The daily schedule are destribed below by a survivors [2] [3]:

  • Testimony #1
  • Being woken up at 7:00 am by a bunch of screaming staff members.
  • 30 minutes are given to get dressed, make our beds, brush teeth, and line up to go do push-ups.
  • Next follows breakfast and then back to the rooms to get dressed for class.
  • Classes
  • After class it is time for something called progress review...its involve talking to the family representative about how the detainee are doing and if there are things (within the strict rules), which the detainee need. It takes about an hour.
  • Lunch
  • Classes for an hour and a half follows next After an hour of that we go to lunch and then back to class for an hour and a half.
  • After lunch we go to watch an educational video..some bullshit..usually national geographic. Then back to class for an hour.
  • After that we go to emotional video which is usually about drugs or violence or something like that.
  • Then we get one hour outside everyday. We go out and play basketball everyday.
  • After that we come inside and get a 7 min shower(7 min. to get undressed, shower, dry off, put on a shirt and line up)
  • After we get dressed again we go play either dominoes or spades or rummy or something like that.
  • Class for an hour.
  • An hour of personal time
  • 30 minutes to get ready for shutdown at 9:30 pm.
  • Testimony #2

Students were to get up promptly at 7:00 and ready themselves for exercises. At 7:05 we went to the "Activity Room" and exercised for 30 minutes. 7:35 - 8:00 was breakfast. 8:00 - 9:00 was school. 9:00 - 11:30 was "educational video & emotional growth video". 11:30 to 12:30 was PE. 12:30 to 1:00 was Lunch. 1:00 to 5:00 was school, with a 5 minute restroom break in between. Then on to Dinner, showers, reading time and then sleep. This was how things worked 365 days a year. No weekends. No holidays. Nothing.


As it is normal in the level system visitation from the parents are something to be earned, but they have made it possible for the parents to come and visit the facility without the detained teenager seeing or meeting them. They have a window where visiting parents can see their son or daugther during PE on the outside.

Letter are the only mean of communication while the detainees are placed on the lower levels and they are required to write parents online every Sunday (The minimum is a paragraph).

Living Conditions

4 detainees live in a single room - there are 2 bunk beds, and the bottom bunk was considered the "bunk buddy" to the top rack. The detainee using the lower bed are usually a higher level and the lower level on the top bunk would have to tap them at night before going to the bathroom.

There are rules about using bathrooms:

  • The bathroom door had to be cracked at least 3 inches at all times, even while the detainees are using the bathroom.
  • They also wait at least 30 minutes after eating (in case of eating disorders)
  • Between 30min and 1hour after eating, the detainees had to count out loud while using the bathroom.
  • Use the restrooms are not allowed to take longer than 3 minutes.

The detainees are given 3 well-rounded meals a day. Because they facility is in Louisiana, the meals are often cajun food. A less distasteful meail is the breakfast because the eggs were made out of powder. They have a minimum eating rule. The detained teenagers have to eat at least 70% of the food on their tray, or the staff would make the detainee stay after everyone else so he or she can finish the meal. If the detainee refused, he or she will be sent to "Intervention".


  • Being placeed in "Intervention" (a white room with a chair in the center).
  • Being forced to wear an organge shirt. This punishment are given to those who talk about running away and to those on suicide-watch. Detainees wearing the orange shirt has to run 40 laps on the concrete basketball court instead on 5 laps on the mud/grass area.

They also use the normal category-scale for offences from the level program. Example:

  • A person not keeping formations while walking the corridors. The detainees have to keep their eyes on the head of the person in front of them - if a detainee "break line structure" by glancing out at the chaperones or looking around, the detainee are given a "Cat. 1" (a 50-word essay).
  • Category 5 should be around 1,500 words.
  • A second offence done while the first has not been paid up, means automaticly category 5 and being sent to "Intervention". While in "Intervention" the detainee are ordered to copy the "student" handbook a certain amount of times, and then complete however many essays or "consequences" they were given.


  • There are cameras everywhere on the facility - except dorm rooms.
  • It is a lock-down facility with magnetic key-cards, and a 10-foot white fence surrounded the outside.
  • The detained teenagers are to march in line structure from room to room.
  • Males and females detainees aren't allowed any contact whatsoever (except briefly during seminars). They are ordered to turn our heads while marching through the hallway to that they couldn't see the opposite sex on the other end of the hall.
  • There are visit for to the "library" once a week (a small room with bookshelves and approved reading material).
  • There are restrictions on speaking with other detainees at anytime (unless the levels added up to 4 <ie. level 1 and level 3 could talk> (but only during PE and leisure time)
  • Upper-levels (4+) could talk to any level at anytime.
  • If the detainees can stay out of Intervention for an entire week, they are allowed to watch movies on Sunday for a few hours...


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