Red Rock Ranch Academy

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Close.gif Closed 2002

Red Rock Ranch Academy was a behavior modification facility located in St. George, Utah.

It closed in 2002. At time of the closure the owner was Abe Dalley [1].

(November 20, 2002) Abe Dalley, owner of Red Rock Ranch Academy, St. George Utah, 888-921-597, announced to Woodbury Reports Inc. that the outdoor program is in the process of closing. It should not be confused with Red Rock Canyon School.

A Ranch manager named Brian Lemmons later joined Royal Gorge Academy [2]. Other staff entered the business in WWASP facilities before moving to Red Rock Academy [3].

Program structure

They used a level system and functioned as transition program for Paradise Cove and other WWASP programs. The term used for O.P. at Red Rock Academy was "Poltergeist". It was basically sitting on a chair looking on a wall or other things all day long [4].

In the news

16 year old Katie Lank from Virginia died January 13 2002 while being detained at the facility, when she fell about 70 feet into a crevasse. She died three weeks later from the injuries [5]. The program closed short before their license were about to be suspended. Some sources state that they were sold to Cross Creek Programs, which are WWASP programs [3]. A source state that the campus was sold to Diamond Ranch Academy [6]

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