Rens Ungdomsskole

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Rens Ungdomsskole or Rens Ungdomsfængsel (Rens youth prison), which it is named by former students is a continuation school in Denmark. It is located in the village of Bylderup-Bov in Denmark [1]

It was founded in 1921 [2]

They can detain 147 students [3]

Program structure

During the school year the students are forced to do chores like cleaning and working in the kitchen [4].


General education on the same level as the publics school are offered. Such facilities have to meet standards by the department of education [5].


November 2006 it was announced that they have expelled more than a third of their students [6]

May 2007 several students was attacked by non-ethnic german youth in Berlin, while on a student trip. Several was checked for injuries but were serious hurt [7]

External links

Info pages

Survivor groups

Message board

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