Rocky Top Academy

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Rocky Top Academy was a behavior modification facility marketed as a therapeutic boarding school. It was located in the area of Anaconda, Montana.

It did open March 1994.

The founders are named to have been Dr. Robert L. Jordan and Tom Finucane, which also ran Eagle Mountain Outpost. Tom Finucane sometime used the name Tom Gregory [1] [2].

A typical stay are stated to have been around 12 months.


In 1996 articles mention a police investigation against one of the leading staff members. The program closed due to this investigation. [3]

as a former student that attended this school, tom was a terrible man, the life there was not as it was told to parents, but one of kids who more deserved to be in Juvenile detention one where they had students take care of the problem children instead of the staff dealing with them. don't get me wrong it was not that all bad, there was some times where students would go out to movies golf, and other acclivities plus

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