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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 27-40
Checked April 14, 2012
Open.gif Opened 1986 (first time)
Around 2004 (second time)
Close.gif Closed 2002 (first time)

Salem4youth is the new marketing name for the working ranch known as Salem Children's Home in the past [1]. It is located two miles south of Flanagan in Livingston County [2].

Under a different management the ranch was founded in 1896. It did close in 2002 due to possible sexual misconduct by former employees. The incident was investigated [1].

Some years later the ranch reopened under the present management [1]. They believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and all aspects of their program are Christian-based; from counseling to academics.

The target group is boys only aged between 12 and 18 [3]

Program structure

The have a short term and a long term program [4]

Both programs uses a level system each boy has to pass through in order to graduate.

Short Term program
last between 6 and 10 months
Long Term program
last between 12 and 18 months.
Learner Learner

Beside the level system they run a grade system where the boys are graded on their behavior and attitude on hourly basis. A higher score result in more privileges [4]. The grades are

  • Gold (Above and Beyond)
  • Silver (At Expectation)
  • Bronze (Below Expectation)
  • Packet (Unacceptable)


There are no contact between the boy and his parent for the first six weeks. Before the first meeting they have to participate in a meeting. After that the parents can either visit their son at the facility or arrange for a home visit [3]

Living conditions

The boys live dorm-like setting with an average of two boys per room.


  • 2002 the ranch was closed due to possible sexual misconduct by employees [1]
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Benjamin James Lolley
  • 2011 a boy living at the ranch became victim from a suicide just weeks before he was supposed to graduate [5] [6]

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