Sarasota Community School

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Sarasota Community School is a behavior modification facility located on 845 S. School Avenue, Sarasota, Florida 34237 [1]

It was founded by Joseph "Chuck" Kanner - known as Joseph Charles Katz in relationship with a now closed chain of schools called DeSisto School [2].

They are able to detain up to 50 teenagers.

The facility closed on June 30 2009 [3].

Program Structure

Admission process

The parents are encouraged to visit the facility before their child is banished. However the facility warns against bringing the teenager to the facility before enrollment.

Then students - current and past - will provide positive testimony regarding how much the school will help your child. The parent will be provided a 10 plus page contract - which when read carefully requires 'enrollment' through 'graduation' with complete annual fees paid regardless of length of stay. The school charges exorbitant tuition of over $5,400 per month.

Effective June 30, 2008 Sarasota Community School lost the Southern Colleges and Schools Association (SACS) accreditation. They have been contacted by SACS (12/Aug/2008) for removed of their reference, and the association was advised that a web-site update is forthcoming.

In the news

In relationship with a new voucher program, the founder did open a second facility in St. Petersburg [4] [5]


The building formerly housed facilities with the names Cold Springs, The Farm.

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