Schuberts Minde

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 30
Checked February 24, 2012
Open.gif Opened 1868

Schuberts Minde is a behavior modification facility located near the Danish town Ringkoebing [1]

It is named after Carl Matildur Schubert - a local businessman which started a shop in the town around 1868. In 1951 the facility opened based on his inheritance. [2]

Program structure

Some of the departments use an individual approach. Others use a level system. The level system is partly based on self-evaluation and partly on the feedbacks from the staff [3].

Each level has a minimum number of day where the teenager has to show a behavior equivalent what is expected on the certain level. According to Danish law a certain amount of pocket money per day is given to children placed outside their home. As the teenager raise in level they get more control over their money.

Level name Lasting at least days Pocket money
Alfa 28 50 percent handed out. 50 percent placed on saving account
Beta 42 60 percent handed out. 40 percent placed on saving account
Gamma 63 70 percent handed out. 30 percent placed on saving account
Delta 91 80 percent handed out. 20 percent placed on saving account
Epsilon 126 90 percent handed out. 10 percent placed on saving account
Pi 168 All handed out.
Sigma 217 All handed out.

The teenagers has to apply in order to be allowed on to the next level. Partly because there are no pressure from the public funds which pay for the stay the staff will not put pressure on the kids so they will apply. It is voluntary to remain at a certain level for as long as the teenager want. The staff can demote a teenager if they feel that the teenager does not behave as expected on a certain level [3].

Each day the teenager must have the personal chart approved before 22:30. Otherwise the day doesn't count in the level system.

Living standards

Each teenager has their own room. At the facility they have a strict dresscode compared with normal Danish standards. Only one earring is allowed (both genders). Low waste trousers are not allowed. Holes in clothes is also not allowed. They have a smoking ban [3].


Personal cell-phone is earned as a privilege.


  • In 2001 they complained about an interview conducted by one of the local TV-stations. Apparently a family was threatened with removal of their son if they spoke with the press about the facility. The TV-station was critized for not allowing the facility to write an answer to statements made during the interview [4]
  • April 2008 a candidate for a job explained how she was insulted and yelled at during the job interview [5]
  • June 2008 a family complained over the treatment a 16 year old girl got during her stay at the facility. The complains deal with psychological abuse, children labor, human righs violations, violations of the Danish constitution and other laws. The girl was not placed at the facility because she had committed any crimes [6]
  • In 2010 a documentary was made about the children placed at the facility. Four specific children were followed so the viewers could learn how the daily life at the facility [7]
    Local rappers held a foundraising concert for the facility april 2010 [8]
    Due to the public debate about the treatment methods used at the facility, the local politician Lennart Qvist urged former residents to give testimony anonymous if necessary if they want to complain [9]
  • Late 2010 the town of Aalborg decided that a 15 year old boys should not be returned to the facility after he ran away due to discipline at the facility [10]
  • December 2010 the social services in the town of Ikast-Brande announced that they would no longer use the services of the facility [11]
  • May 2011 families and friends helped a runaway to remain hidden while the social services were investigating where to place him after he ran away from the facility [12]
  • July 2011 it was revealed that the a lower number of children being placed at the facility meant that the facility had to let some of the employees go [13]
  • Early 2012 a new documentary covering the life at the facility was shown on Denmarks Radio. Two different cases of manual restraint were shown as part of the documentary. Both the show and the treatment methods were critized by professionals [14] and The National Federation of Social Educators [15]

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