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Shuberts Minde is a behavior modification facility located near the Danish town Ringkoebing [1]

It is named after Carl Matildur Schubert - a local businessman which started a shop in the town around 1868. In 1951 the facility opened based on his inheritance. [2]

Program structure

Some of the departments use an individual approach. Others use a level system. The level system is partly based on self-evaluation and partly on the feedbacks from the staff.


In 2010 a documentary was made about the children placed at the facility. Four specific children were followed so the viewers could learn how the daily life at the facility [3]

External Links

Info pages


  1. The main facility on Google maps
  2. history, homepage of the facility The language used in the link is Danish
  3. DR-program flopper: De skulle ha’ holdt kæft!, by Birgitte Grue, BT, May 12, 2010 The language used in the link is Danish