Sct. Knuds Skole (Fredericia, Denmark)

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Sct. Knuds Skole (Fredericia, Denmark) is a Christian school, which have been identified as a behavior modification facility.

They have 197 students in 1997.

It is a day school only.

Program Structure

They offer schooling in the normal curriculum as decided by the government for the grades between 0 and 10.

The also have after-school care for the grades 0 to 3.

In the news

This facility are under investigation of using corporal punishment

In february 2007 5 parents reported the principal to the police for not firing a violent teacher. He was transferred to other classes only. The violence should have consisted of 4 incidents of hitting students in the head with a fist and one incident where a student was slammed against the wall. In Denmark the use of corporal punishment in both homes and schools are a crime [1] [2].


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