Shepherds Hill Farm

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Shepherd's Hill Farm is a behavior modification facility marketed as a Christian Boarding School located on 2200 Price Road, Martin, Georgia 30557 [1]

They can detain an unknown number of youth of both genders aged 13 to 18.

They offer two residential programs with a length of one year and two years.

Program Structure

SHF Wilderness Program

This one year program functions on the basis of positive peer culture (pressure).

The teenagers lives in primitive shelters in the wood. There is no information about how communication between the teenagers and their family / friends are going to take place. Visitation is also not described [2].

The Next Step Program

This program can be an extention of the first program. The teenagers are moved to a campus where they can earn privileges like TV and video games, which they have missed the previous year. Also dependent on their progress they can earn the right to a driver's license and a job in the local neighborhood [3].


They have their own school on campus. They claim to be acreditted locally.

Living Condition

The first year the teenagers live in very primitive shelthers with no modern comfort. Those who are transferred to the Next Step program live under more humane conditions.

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