Shortridge Academy

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Shortridge Academy is a behavior modification facility located in Milton, New Hampshire.

Postal address if correct should be 619 Governors Road, Milton, New Hampshire 03851[1].

The program was founded in 2002. They are able to detain up to 64 teenagers of both genders aged 14 to 17 [2].

The program lasts about 16 to 18 months.

Among the teachers are several persons, who were connected to CEDU in the past. Their program seems to be a revised version of the program used at CEDU.

Program structure

They use a level system combined with marathon seminars, which are called workshops. They demand that the teenagers should complete a wilderness program before starting at the facilty [3]

Level system

The three levels are:

  • Foundations (Phase 1)
    consists of students adapting to their new environment. Students have no contact with friends outside of the school, and life is quite restrictive
  • Relationships (Phase 2)
    consists of students doing their "work" (Sifting through the emotional distress they have) This phase is considered the most intense and difficult. Students may also begin contacting friends.
  • Leadership (Phase 3)
    consists of students transitioning home, or to other locations. This is the least restrictive phase, and there are few guidelines and restrictions surrounding contact with friends/family. Students will also begin going home for five day visits.

Workshop Progression

(Intense Group therapy with a specific theme):

  • Innocence Workshop (1 day) – attended between the 1st and 4th months
  • Friendship Workshop (2 days) - attended between the 5th and 7th months
  • Choices Workshop (2 days) – attended between the 9th and 12th months
  • Integrity Workshop (2 days) – attended between the 13th and 15th months
  • Leadership Trip (7 days) – attended between the 10th and 14th months
  • Opportunities Workshop (2 days) – attended between the 16th and 17th months



Visit Progression:

  • 1) Double On Campus (Two days spent on campus)
  • 2) Single on, Single Off (One day spent on campus one day off campus)
  • 3) Double Off (Two days spent off campus)
  • 4) Single over night (One full day and night off campus, second day off campus)
  • 5) Double overnight (Two full days and nights spent off campus)
  • 6) Homevisit (Prearranged amount of days at home)


Although there has been one major occurrence in the schools history that can cause people to question the so called "emotional safety" of the school. In 2008 a staff allegedly smuggled alcohol and tobacco products to students who were enrolled in the program for substance abuse. These are still allegations, and the school has made no attempt to prove or disprove any allegations.

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