Solhaven (Denmark)

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Solhaven is a behavior modification facility located at several houses in the town of Farsoe, Jutland.

In the news

In 2007 a number of stories managed to reach the media from this remote location in Denmark [1].

Solhaven has an intake where the youth is isolated until the staff has shown the youth that they are the strongest. The facility was ordered to report all incident of fights directly to the politicians instead of filing them in a briefcase where the politician could read them if they cared to visit the facility.

An announced visit by members of the Danish parliament was cancelled and police reports were filled against a member of the Danish parliament, so the facility is in a way off-limit for any kind of supervision today [2].

The facility is the largest employer in the remote area, so the entire town in behind the facility and local criticism is not to be found due to the risk of losing jobs. After introduction of a structure of the public services in Denmark it is now up to the cityhall in the local community to supervise the facility, which is one of the largest employers. Rather expected they decided not to investigate further into the matter [3]

This is an article where the facility describe their approach to the treatment [4].

January 2007 a 16 year old boy was detained at a more secure facility after he had hit a staff member [5].

December 2007 it was published the local community has one of the highest numbers when it comes to violence among the youth. The facility acknowledge that the fact that the facility is located in the community contribute to this number. They are surprised that the number are not even higher [6].

July 2009 four police patrols had to be involved when a boy detained at the facility denied to return after a home visit [7]. Sources claim that he went missing from the facility later and was involved in a car chase.

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