Southeastern Military Academy

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Southeastern Military Academy (SMA), formerly known as Victory Forge Military Academy is a boot camp styled behavior modification program located near Port St. Lucie Florida [1].

Program structure

The program is military styled and promotes the 7 core values of: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Self Sacrifice, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

They use a system with 3 levels while at the facility and an aftercare phase, when the reformed teenager is released to go home.

Level 1: RED PHASE

  • Lasting: MONTH 1-3
  • Method: Toughening, Phase of PT, Physical Readiness Test
  • Establish Goals & Treatment Plan

A typical day during the red phase can according the program homepage look like this: [2]

05:45- wakeup
06:45- breakfast
15:00- work/ drill
16:45- dinner

17:30- PT
19:20- showers
19:20-20:40- personal time
20:40- devotions
21:15- personal reflections
21:30- lights out

The level of the PT the teenagers do is authroized for 15-23 year olds. Quote from the program homepage:

The Preparatory Phase of PRT is designed by The US Army for people of any physical ability. Slowly increasing the difficulty of the exercises will help your son's body to respond without injury. Your son's health and development will be monitored very closely to further insure that it will be a safe as possible for him.


  • Lasting: MONTHS 4-6
  • Conditioning Phase of PT
  • Youth will be recognizing issues that brought them here.


  • Lasting: MONTHS 7-12
  • Maintenance Phase of PT
  • Youth will be actively working on issues.
  • Youth will begin owning responsibility for issues.
  • Youth will be able to qualify for increased visitation.


  • Youth will be reunited with family.
  • Family will be enrolled in 3 month aftercare program.

They also offer a short 4 weeks wilderness challenge for boys aged betwen 7-12 [3].

On youtube there are posted a video with still photo showing the amount of torment the relative young children are forced through [4].


The first phonecall are allowed about 14 days into the program. Parents are warned that the teenager might try to manipulate them. Phone calls are not monitored by personnel.

The first visit by the parents can be made 4 weeks into the program. Again the parents are warned against possible manipulation. Visitation at home later in the program, but if the teenager does not follow the program, visits will be conducted on the grounds of the facility.


According to statements made by the director, teenagers at-risk of running away from the facility are made to wear shackles.

Other consequences are extra PT.

In the news

  • On April 25 2008 the police found a boy who was shackled in the neighborhood. According to the director "colonel" Alan Weierman, the facility uses shackles to restrain runaways and that an investigation was launched when a Port St. Lucie police officer saw a 16-year-old runaway being restrained [5].

The DCF started an investigation [6].

  • On May 2 2008 it was reported that the last of the 16 detained teenagers left for their families due to an investigation. The parents were told by The Department of Children and Families to get their children [7].
  • June 9, DCF expressed "serious concern" about the safety and welfare of the teenagers detained at the facility [8]
  • June 11 DCF concluded their investigation and concluded that they could not raise charges because the discipline was within bounds of the state law. [9]
  • June 13 the police published their findings. They found:
    • That the staff's use of corporal punishment has remained within their rights to physically handle its students without causing bodily harm and/or permanent disfigurement.
    • That the facility's records show the boy had been wearing leg shackles for 12 consecutive days. Further it showed that the boys had been let out of shackles several times, and promptly threatened to run away.
    • That at night, staff would put hand restraints on him.
    • That teen was called racial slurs by the other boys, but said that all teenagers openly called each other names like "carpet head" and "camel rider" based on skin-color etc.

However all these finding was NOT abuse because the state law does not forbid the. [10].

In July 2008 the facility stated that the number of children in the 4 weeks wilderness style military training camp has doubled to 28, which indicate that parents agree with the methods used [11]

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