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Staby Efterskole is a contination school located near Ulfborg in Denmark [1]

It was founded as a contination school in 1923.

150 teenagers can live there.

The teenagers have to apply to the facility unless they have been convicted of a crime and are sent to the school as an alternative to imprisonment.

Program structure


Only two rules are emphasized on the homepage:

  • It is not allowed to use alcohol or drugs.
  • Members of opposite genders are not allowed on the rooms or dorms of students outside specific times.

If the teenagers break these rules they can be expelled.

Daily life

An example of a daily schedule is stated to be:

06:40 Wake up
06:45 Walk / run in the neighborhood
07:15 Breakfast
07:50 Morning song/assembly
08:15 English
09:45 Break
10:05 Math
11:45 Lunch Break
13:30 Physical Education

15:00 Break
15:30 Voluntary subject
17:00 Cleaning / chores
18:00 Dinner
18:45 Personal quiet time (can be used for homework)
20:00 Various activities (PE, soccer, work shops)
21:30 Evening assembly
22:00 Going to bed
23:00 Lights out

In the news

September 2007 two rather well-equipped boys were convicted of hitting two girls on their head with their penises. Two other boys were acquitted after some measurement in the court [2]. The girls left the school after the incident which took place during a private party.

March 2008 the management stated that they had been forced to fire a teacher, who had been taken some liberties regarding his conduct against female students beside being drunk [3].


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  3. Efterskolen ser tilbage på uroligt år (The contination school reflect on an unruly year), by Henrik Lind Jørgensen, Dagbladet Holstebro-Struer, March 18 2008 This link is in Danish language

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