Steppin' Stone Farm, Inc.

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Steppin' Stone Farm, Inc. is a behavior modification program for girls located on 8421 Pritcher Road, Lithia, Florida 33547 [1]

It was founded in 1973. The present Executive Director has been detained in the program, when she was a teenager [2].

Program structure

The program last 12 months but 6 months are added if the teenager runs away.

Before a girl can be admitted the parents has to tour the facility and sign custody papers. The girl also have to undergo a physical and take an AIDS test.


15 year old Valessa Robinson was about to be detained at the facility. While she at that point had not committed any crime in a court of law, her mother had decided to detain her at the ranch because she had chosen a life with different values than the mother. Her mother had tried to keep the stay a secret and while the girl was sentenced for killing her mother, it remains unclear whether it happended because the daughter out of pure fear of the farm decided that she could as well commit the crime when she was about to do the time. [3] [4]. She got 20 years for the murder of her mother, but was spared the farm.

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