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Stone Mountain School is located in a very remote forest area. The address is 126 Camp Elliott Road, Black Mountain, North Carolina 2871 [1].

It is for boys only aged between 11 and 16 when they are detained at the facility. The boys are detained there for 12 months minimum.

It has rooms for 60 detainees.

It did open in 1990 and is owned by Aspen Education Group.

Program structure

The facility use a 6 level behavior modification system. Regarding education, there are no references to any of the regional accreditation bodies in the United States.


On their webpage they claim that they have: "A Non-Public School License: Stone Mountain School is a licensed non-public school by the Governor's office of the State of North Carolina." and a "Letter of certification issued by the Division of Exceptional Children of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction."

News / Media

There have been some problems with the water supply, which could end up with teenagers becoming ill, if not corrected [3].


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