Stone Mountain School

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Stone Mountain School is located in a very remote forest area. The address is 126 Camp Elliott Road, Black Mountain, North Carolina 2871 [1]

It is for boys only aged between 11 and 16 when they are detained at the facility. The boys are detained there for 12 months minimum.

It has rooms for 60 detainees [2].

It did open in 1990 and is owned by Aspen Education Group.

Program structure

The facility use a 6 level behavior modification system. Regarding education, there are no references to any of the regional accreditation bodies in the United States.


On their webpage they claim that they have: "A Non-Public School License: Stone Mountain School is a licensed non-public school by the Governor's office of the State of North Carolina." and a "Letter of certification issued by the Division of Exceptional Children of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction."

News / Media

There have been some problems with the water supply, which could end up with teenagers becoming ill, if not corrected [3]


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