Storskoven, Denmark

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Storskoven, Denmark is a group home for at-risk youth located on 10 Egerupvej near the town of Assens [1].



This department is located on Storskovvej 17 in the village of Tommerup [2]. 2010 it was reported that the campus had been put on sale [3]

In the news

  • When the plans about establishing the group home became public, the citizens in area protested without success [4][5].
  • In 2007 they were involved in the handling of a troubled young boy. The costs of his residential treatment was estimated to DKK 2,196,000 per year [6]
  • June 2008 the main building of the facility burned down. It is believed that unsupervised candlelights caused the fire [7].
  • December 2008 there was yet a fire. It is believed to have been caused due to electrical problems [8]
  • February 2009 a 18 year old resident was assaulted by local boys after he was tricked off the campus [9]. A 16 year old local boy was later detained in a adult prison.
  • February 2010 a 19 year resident was convicted for assault on the campus. He got 3 months in jail [10]
  • July 2010 the former manager was reported to the police for his financial decisions [11]

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