Strawn Support Services

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Strawn Support Services is a Teenage transport company, which are located in Suwanee, Georgia.

It is owned by Rick Strawn.


The have both male and female staff.


Type Info to be found on the website
Halfway houses No information avialable.
Parent handbook No information avialable in advance, but the staff carries a manual.
Insurance Information about insurance can not be found on the webpage

Methods used

Tools Used on clients
Handcuffs Is required all time during transport [1].
Legirons No information avialable
Transport hood No information avialable
Other restraints No information avialable
Pebberspray No information avialable
Baton electrical / non-electrical No information avialable
Taser No information avialable

Rick Strawn

The owner is a former policeman, who left the force after pleading guilty to a reckless conduct and a DUI charge [1].

In the News

The firm was featured in the July-August edition of Legal Affairs [1]

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