Struer skolehjem (Denmark)

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Stuer skolehjem (School home) is a behavior modification facility located in the town of Stuer in Denmark [1]

The target group is teenagers and pre-teens refered by the city hall in their hometown.

They have to suffer from low self-esteem and general distrust in adults.

There is no average stay. The individual goal with the placement are discussed with the city hall.

Program structure

Admission procedure

The city hall has to apply for a stay by sending their papers to the facility, which will evalute and decide whether the child is a match for the facility.

Next the parents have to visit the place and agree to it before the parents visit the facility with the child. Also the visit with the child has to take place before the admission.

Living conditions

The facility have 4 departments where the children live in either alone or with two children sharing a room.


Some children attend an internal school offering education as decided by the ministry of education. Some children attend a public school in town. Some children are attending after-school recreation centre in town.

In the news

In 2008 a boy 16 year was acused of sexual molestion of a 15 year old boy in 2006, when they were 14 and 15 years old. He is acused of the use of theats in order to do his crimes, which can result in a harsh sentence if he is found guilty [2]


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