Summit Preparatory School

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Current status Open
Detainees.gif Capacity 75
Checked October 12, 2017
Open.gif Opened 2003

Summit Preparatory School is a behavior modification program marketed as a therapeutic boarding school. It is located near Kalispell in Montana [1].

The facility was founded in 2003 [2]

They can detain 75 teenagers of both genders [2]. The length of the program is state to be 12 to 18 months [2].

Program structure

The facility use a level system with 4 levels. They are named [3]:

  • 1: Orientation & Evaluation
  • 2: Fundamentals
  • 3: Application & Processing
  • 4: Consolidation & Transitional Preparation

Living standards

The teenagers live in dorms. In each room there are 4 beds and 2 desks [4].


The nature of the communication between parents and the teenager depends of the level and progress in the program. In the start the communition is censored due to the fact that the phonecalls are made during therapy. Later in the program the staff listens in during the calls before the teenager has reached a point in the program where phonecalls can be done unmonitored [5]

In the news

  • In 2017 it was revealed that Jason Scott Calder who later was charged with rape, forcible sodomy and forcible sexual abuse had been working at the facility. October 2017 there was no information that he had taken advantage of teenagers at Summit Preparatory School but investigation is ongoing [6]

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