Sunset Bay Academy

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Checked July 21, 2012
Open.gif Opened 2006

Sunset Bay Academy (SBA) is a behavior modification facility located on Calle Tijuana 601, Col. Machado, Playas de Rosarito [1] [2].

  • The facility began to be marketed under the name Seaside Academy in 2006 [3]
  • 2007 websites with the same text but the new name Pacific View Academy began to appear [4]
  • July 2008 it was discovered that they have started to market the same school under the name Oceanside (Teen center) [5]
  • June 2009 the name changed to the present Sunset Bay Academy [6].

The program seems to be located in a building formerly known as the Hotel Camino Inn in Rosarito according to similarities between the pictures used in marketing of Oceanside compared with the pictures shown on Web archive when looking at old versions of the homepage of the former hotel.

Program structure

When the facility was named Oceanside Teen center, they used the normal WWASP level system with 6 levels. In a press-release they claim to have abandoned WWASP [7].

However the webpage still include information about seminars which in numbers and order are similar with the system offered by WWASP facilities [8].

Lifeskill seminars

Their seminars are built on a Large Group Awareness Training concept named Lifespring [8]. They are named:

  • Teen Basic
  • Teen Advanced
  • Teen Leadership Seminars (Personal growth, Skills building, Team building, Decision making, Leadership development)

Beside the seminars the teenagers in the academy have to attend, there like in the WWASP-system - are 3 parent-child seminars.

The parents have to attend downscaled seminars too.

Level system

Like WWASP they use a level system with six levels. Due to the lack of a student manual on the homepage, it is not clear what kind of privileges each level include regarding communication inside and outside the facility.

A few privileges are stated on the homepage [9]. They are:

On campus activities

Level 2 and 3:

  • Hot Chocolate; Milk and Cookies; Snacks; Root Beer Floats
  • Movies; Sports Game in Courtyard; Sports Game on TV
  • Yoga Class; Candy Hunt; Water Balloon Toss; Bingo “Loteria”
  • Swimming in the Pool; Pool Activities

Off campus activities

Level 4:

  • Trips to the Beach; Lunch at various Restaurants
  • Movies; Circus; Horseback Riding; Community Events

Level 5:

  • Movies and Dinner; Shopping Trips; Boat Tours
  • Trips to Ensenada; Picnics at the Beach
  • Arcade; Paint Balling

Level 6:

  • Trips to San Diego; Whale Watching; Water Park
  • Local Sporting Events; Camping

Living Conditions

The teenagers are organized into two groups called "families". They are named:

  • Honesty family
  • Courage family

There are two bunk beds in every room [9].


They run a number of marketing blogs [10]

They have also started a marketing campaign on Youtube where they deny that they use WWASP-material in their program [11]

Beside the normal program with 6 levels, they also advertise for a scared straight program with a minimum stay of 7 days [12].


  • September 23, 2009 a mother reached out to the public after she was tricked to believe that her son was taken to a boarding school in California only to discover that her son was taken to Sunset Bay Academy instead [13]
  • 2012 there was rumors on the Internet about the facility being moved closer to the beach. Due to the secret nature of the facility it has not yet been confirmed [14]. Researchers have since identified the buildings as belonging to the former Hotel Villa Serena Living.

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