Sunset Bay Academy

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Oceanside is a behavior modification facility located on Calle Tijuana 601, Col. Machado, Playas de Rosarito [1] [2].

  • The facility began to be marketed under the name Seaside Academy in 2006 [3]
  • 2007 websites with the same text but the new name Pacific View Academy began to appear [4]
  • July 2008 it was discovered that they have started to market the same school under the name Oceanside [5]

The Fornits web-forum are investigating, whether it is a part of WWASP or a new name for Casa by the Sea, which were closed in 2004 by the Mexican authorities due to suspicsion of child abuse.

The program seems to be located in a building formerly known as the Hotel Camino Inn in Rosarito according to similarities between the pictures used in marketing of Oceanside compared with the pictures shown on Web archive when looking at old versions of the homepage of the former hotel.

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