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Current status Closed
Checked June 12, 2013
Open.gif Opened 1989
Close.gif Closed 2010

Tampa Bay Academy was behavior modification program marketed as a residential treatment center. It was located in Riverview, Florida [1]. It was founded around 1989.

The target group was children aged between 4 and 17 [2].

They listed a number of issues they claimed to be able to fix along with different kind of therapy they claim to provide[2]

Program structure

They offered three kind of services:

  • Residential treatment [2]
  • Group homes [3]
  • Day treatment (Done in cooperation with Hillsborough County Schools) [4]

Living standards

In their groups the residents live in rooms with 1 or 2 roommates. There are 12 residents in each house which include a common area and a kitchen [3]


In 2005 the Department of Children and & Families in Florida found problems like inadequate staffing, abuse complaints and an alleged sexual assault [5]

December 2008 the Department of Children and & Families in Florida visited the facility once again and found the problems to severe that they suspended the license of the facility [6]. Following the suspension the state ordered the removal of the teenagers in the facility [7]

A mother to a 16 year old girl who had lived at the facility told that a former staff member visited the facility to take photos of her daughter so she could decorate her house with them. She also kissed the girl in a way which got the staff to intervene [8]

June 2009 the facility aimed at expanding their activities claiming to have solved the previous problems [9]. The same claim came from the facility following the 2005 events.

2010 it was reported that the facility closed [10]. A charter school with the same name connected to the facility continued for some time after.

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