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Telos RTC is located near Orem in Utah. The admission office is located on 870 W Center Street in Orem, Utah[1]. It is under investigation by Fornits Webforum for being a behavior modification program [2].

The program was found in 2004 [3].

They can detain male 24 teenagers age 13 to 17 [3].

The length of the program is individual [3].

The use triathlon training as a huge part of their program.

Program structure

Instead of a level program, the program is run with an individual phase program [4]. It is described as

1. Pre-Contemplation.
2. Contemplation.
3. Preparation.
4. Action.
5. Maintenance.

“I don’t have a problem.”
“I may have a problem.”
“I have a problem, and I’m starting to work on it.”
“I have a problem, and I’m working hard on it.”
“I had a problem, I worked hard on it, and now I’m working hard to maintain the changed behavior.”

If the teenager fails to comply with the program there are a number of consequences:

  • If a teenager fails to earn a "C-" in school work, he will be placed on Academic Special Status, which means loss of privileges and no free time because all time has to be used on school work. Once he earns a "C-" or higher, he will resume his normal status in the program [4].
  • If he fails to meet therapeutic goals in the program he will be placed on Therapy Special Status. He will spend free time working on therapy assignments and lose activity privileges, personal phone call privileges, and could lose family therapy privileges. Upon completion of the assignments, the therapist may restore your son’s usual phase privileges [4].
  • For unclear reasons as it is not defined what inappropriate behavior is the the Residential Manager may place a teenager on Residential Special Status. He will spend free time working on writing assignments and lose activity privileges and personal phone call privileges [4].
  • If a teenager attempts suicide, makes suicidal gestures, or expresses a desire to hurt himself, he will be placed on Safety Status. Suicide Watch (Safety) lasts until the Primary Therapist removes the student from it. Your son must sleep in front of the Night Watch and must be with a staff member at all times. He will crack the door when showering or using the bathroom [4].
  • Writing Assignments Staff may give a teenager therapeutic writing assignments as a prearranged consequence [4].
  • "Speaking ban" called Communication Block means that the teenager is not allowed to talk with other students or a specific student if his communications have been inappropriate. They also have a Five-foot Rule. If a teenager is judged to lack respect for another’s personal space, he must maintain a five-foot space between himself and the other person [4].
  • Shut-down: Due to severe non-compliance or severe inappropriate behavior, a teenager may be placed on shut-down. He will not be allowed to participate in activities or socialize with other detainees [4].
  • The program states that the Telos staff are trained to use passive physical restraint only when a teenager is hurting himself or others, damaging property, or attempting to run away. The facility do not have isolation rooms, or straight jackets. Staff do not use force to extract compliance from detainees unless their non-compliance is unsafe. If the Clinical Director deems a detainee appropriate for isolation, he will need to be transferred from the facility [4].

Transition program

Located a mile away from the admission office, they have a small transition program where the teenagers who have completed the main program live. Instead of the in-house school they can attend local a high school or a local university. They may hold a job in the local neighborhood [5]


The educational arm of the program is called Telos Academy / Woodland Hills School. It services grade 7 - 12.

Family seminars

They have family seminars every 10'th week. It is a three day event to make the parents work the program as well [6]


At any time the teenager can discharge himself if he manage to run and remain hidden for 72 hours.


They arrange a small triathlon competition to sponsor the facility [7].

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