The Academy

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Operationel status
Checked October 3, 2010[1]
U.S. Department of State - warning against such facilities abroad

The Academy earlier known as Coral Island Academy was a behavior modification program marketed as a therapeutic boarding school. It is claimed to have a campus south of Myrtle Creek in Oregon and another campus on Fiji in the Pacific ocean south of the village of Korokula [2].

However it is unclear whether the campus in Oregon is in operation [3]

The political situation in Fiji is unstable [4], so parents should consider this beside the normal warning from the U.S authorities about oversea schools [5]

They are no longer registered at NATSAP, but their old record stated that they could detain 42 teenagers aged between 12 and 18 of both genders and their program lasted 3 to 18 months. It is claimed to be founded in 2001.

September 2010 the human rights organization HEAL-online confirmed the program closed.

Program structure


The program is on the investigation by HEAL-online [6].

The program is mentioned in a investigation report about WWASP produced by International Survivor Action Committee [7]

February 8, 2008 they had seven students from the U.S and Canada on their Fiji campus [8]

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