The Krolong Temple and School

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Checked April 16,2013

The Krolong Temple and School is a buddhist center used for behavior modification. It is located in the village of Krolong in the Kampong Cham province in Cambodia.

Program structure

The program followed the normal guidelines for living as a monk in the temple starting with wake-up at Wake at 5:45. A part of the life involved going around to houses and ask for food in exchange for prayers.

In the news

Michael Sa-Ngoun was sent to the temple in November 2004 where he broke after 9 months in the village without no electricity, no plumbing and no phones [1]. With an agreement with his mother he was transported to a nearby town where he could take his high school diploma online.

A follow-up story done February 2008 showed that the effect was not lasting. Michael was now living without longterm goals in his life [2]. However the effect of the younger siblings were that they out of pure fear of being abandoned in Cambodia too lived a normal, but secluded lives.

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