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==In the news==
==In the news==
The facility was mentioned in a Montell Williams show called "Violent Teens".
The facility was mentioned in a Montell Williams show called "Violent Teens".
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==External Links==
==External Links==
*Info: [ Homepage of the facility]
*Info: [ Homepage of the facility]
[[Category:Therapeutic Boarding School]]
[[Category:Therapeutic Boarding School]]

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The Rabiner Treatment Center is a center sponsored by the Iowa State Police Association and featured in the Montell Williams show.

There are two campuses - one on 1762 Johnson Avenue, Fort Dodge, IA 50501 [1] and one on 1906 90th Avenue, Algona, IA 50511 [2].

It was founded in 1961.

Program destription

They offer a number of programs:

  • Smart Choices! Long-term (6 to 18 months), residential care for conduct disorder / behaviorally challenging boys.
  • Special Choices! Long-term (6 to 24 months), residential care for borderline I.Q. / special need boys
  • Smart Start! Short-term (30/60/90 days) residential programming for boys needing an immediate, short-term intervention.
  • Independent Choices! Long-Term (6-12 months) residential programming centers on the enhancement and development of specialized skills, which prepare clients for independent life after treatment.
  • Beginning Choices! Long-Term (6-18 months), residential care for conduct disorder/behaviorally challenged boys ages 10-13
  • W.O.R.K. (Work Off Restitution for Kids) Long-Term (6-12 months), residential programming for adolescent boys with court ordered restitutions or a need to save for independent living.
  • Daily Choices! Day programming which offers educational, therapeutic and recreational services to children living at home. Clients attend our on-campus school and receive therapeutic/recreational services after school on the RTC campus. Transportation is provided by RTC.
  • Weekend Choices! Weekend program (1 to 6 weekends), which has a strong focus on cognitive restructuring and accountability.
  • Family Choices! This is a community based counseling program. RTC counselors provide individual, family and group skill development to children and families in the community.

Level system

They use a level system which can be seen on the color of the uniforms. Each program has its own level system. The program is based on a cognitive approach.


They run a inhouse School in coorparation with Manson Northwest Webster School District. Among the courses offered it is posible to take a GED.

In the news

The facility was mentioned in a Montell Williams show called "Violent Teens".

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