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Peninsula Village is a behavior modification facility for adolescents aged 13 - 17 years of age located on 2341 Jones Bend Rd, Louisville, Tennessee [1].

It was established in 1986.

The detainees are children who are either placed by their parents, by court order as an alternative to prison or by the social authorities.

An average stay takes between 12 and 15 months.

Program description

If the detainee would not go there by themselves, the parents are advised to use a Youth transport firm or use relatives, but some are tricked there by their parents.

The program keep male and female detainees separated. At no part of the program does male and female detainees interact unsupervised. If a two groups of detainee pass each other they have to look in the ground while they pass. They are not allowed to look at each other. The program consist of two parts.

Special Treatment Unit

The detainee are first placed in a lockdown unit called the Secured Admissions Unit or Special Treatment Unit.

It is a hospital like environment, where the detainee are not allowed to speak outside group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy session over the phone.

It is a zero tolerance environment where every rule breaking is addressed with the detainee being pinned down by the staff and taken to an isolation cell.

Intensive use of straight jackets and body net combined with nylon restraints on a bed are reported (Nami). The parent manual confirms use of a bed restraint and a restraint jacket. A former survivor has confirmed the restraint jacket as a Posey Transport Jacket [2]

A daily schedule at STU is described as following by a survivor:

Time Activity Time Activity Time Activity
06:30 Wake up, make beds, do morning hygiene 13:00 Priority time, necessaries group, exercises, quiet time 19:30 Evening hygiene
07:00 Breakfast 13:30 School 20:30 Evening activity
08:00 Chores 16:00 Afternoon activity 21:30 Wrap up
09:00 Morning activity (Monday through Friday schedules changed) 17:00 Dinner 22:00 Spiritual time
11:00 Group Psychotherapy 18:00 Group Psychotherapy 22:05 Lights out
12:00 Lunch 19:00 Priority time, necessaries group, exercises, quiet time

Cabin program

The second part of the program takes place in a wooden area next to the Secured Admissions Unit, where the detainees live in very primitive cabins. There is now running water in the cabins so the detainees has to get it from wells. Due to these unsanitary conditions a detainee was hospitalized due to E.coli poisoning (Ecoliblog) [3].

There is some schooling but the most of the time is spent doing psychical work like wood-chopping and carrying items. Here is a sample schedule from the cabin program:

Time Activity Time Activity Time Activity
06:00 Wake up 12:00 Lunch 18:00 CD Work (CD work was our AA and NA 12 step work)
06:15 Bathhouse / hygiene / pray 12:33 Clean up /rotation / porta 18:30 Consequences
06:35 Lanterns / trash 13:00 Group therapy @ cabin 19:00 Tai Chi
06:45 Meditation @ YC (the dining hall) 14:00 Cabin jobs / shower clothes 20:15 Handing out medication, nursing
07:00 Breakfast 14:35 voc / tool shed 20:30 Showers
07:28 Clean up / split rotation / porta / dump and fill gott (porta is short for porta john. there was no running watter in the cabins so we had to use porta johns. There were restrooms at the YC, bathhouse and school, though.) 16:45 Clean up / tool shed 21:30 Wrap up / removing the last porta
08:00 voc / tool shed 17:10 Line up / geloha 22:00 Bedtime
11:30 Clean up / tool shed 17:15 Dinner
11:55 Line up / Geloha (gelohas set the table for dining.) 17:43 Clean up / split rotation / lanterns


Peninsula Village is licensed as a private school approved by the Tennessee State Department of Education and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). However the education are not carried out regularly and it have resulted in lawsuits between local school districts and parents of placed detainees (Oregon Department of Education) [4] The education often consists of being given a worksheet and told to work on it.

In the News

  • Convicted cop-killer Matthew Grant spent his youth at the facility and learned the skills that is useful at his present placement (The News Observer) [5].
  • One of the youth convicted of conspiracy of committing murder and using an explosive device to blow up a school is also detained at the facility (Daily Progress) [6]
  • Convicted rapist Andrew Klepper was sent to the program after using a baseball bat on a woman in connection with rape followed by a stay at CEDU [7]. He later reoffended despite the treatment [8].
  • November 2, 2009 it was announced that the facility was sold to Acadia Healthcare in Atlanta [9]. In relationship with the sale the facility will change name to "The Village" [10].

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