The Wittenmyer Learning Center

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Current status Unknown
Detainees.gif Capacity ?
Checked June 12, 2011
Open.gif Opened 2000

The Wittenmyer Learning Center is marketed as an Alternative Education Facility. It is located on 2800 Eastern Avenue in Davenport, IA [1]

Program structure


  • They provide education for both Elementary, Middle and High School students
  • They use classes with few students per teacher
  • Various forms of therapy are claimed to be provided


March 2011 reports of various sexual activities between the children at the facility was reported [2]. The state of Iowa did temporarily downgrad Family Resources Inc.’s license after an investigation into an alleged sexual assault [3]

External Links


  1. The facility on Google maps
  2. HEAL-newsletter, June 10, 2011
  3. State penalizes Family Resources, Quad-city Times, March 22, 2011