The world's strictest parents

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The world's strictest parents is a TV-show developed by TwentyTwenty Television original broadcasted by BBC.

The concept is that so-called unruly teenagers are sent to live with a host family for a week. During the week they receive an Impact letter from their birth parents with a list of issues they should try to fix.

United Kingdom

BBC - series

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Naomi and Ross God-fearing Garnett family in Alabama [1]
2 Sam and Charlotte Roses in Jamaica[1]
3 Lizzie and Stefan Adega family in Ghana[1]
4 Josh and Charlotte Sharma family in India[1]
5 Grant and Lucy Moolman family in South Africa[1]

In the original series the teenagers were shipped to another country for a week.

An article speaks on a second season being recorded [2]

United States

Country Music Television - series

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Brittani and Ivan Vinton Family in Southern California[3]
2 Reed and Jessica Hatcher Family in Tennessee[3]
3 Ricky and Katie McCuin Family in Tennessee[3]
4 Whitney and Stephen Helton Family in Tennessee[3]
5 Julie and Sebastian Cork Family in South Georgia[3]
6 Adele and Garrett Morrison Family[3]
7 Desiree and Brian Rutherford Family[3] Brian remained true to his values and left during the show
8 Arielle and Tyler Forsyth Family in Arkansas[3]

Unlike the original series the teenagers remained in their own country and another difference were that their own parents came for them and evaluated the stay with the host family.


Seven Network also created their own series of The World's Strictest Parents, hosted by singer and actor Axel Whitehead. It debuted in Australia on 22 July 2009. However, a sneak peek was shown on the 24 June 2009 and was the top watched show of the week, with 1.875 million people tuning in. Whitehead's song Way Home was featured in the advertisments.

Episode Teenagers Family Notes
1 Jess and Kyle Gibson Family in Indiana [4]
2 Baylie and Jono Bethe Family in South Africa [4] Jono was given a haircut without being asked of his religious belief and attended a Military school (Grey High School)
3 Emily and Harry Coleman Family in Ireland [4]

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