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Tipton Academy is a behavior modification facility located on Arnold Street, Tipton, Kansas [1].

The facility is for boy only, but the owner run a facility for girls - Meadowlark Academy only in a nearby city. The can detain a total of 50 boys.

They accept to detain teenagers against their will without trial and state it so on their webpage [2].

The program last 9-12 months according to the website but the enrollment contract states that the best result can be achieved with a stay of about 18 months. The parents do also have to sign a contract that last a year minimum.

The program was founded in 2005.

Program structure

The facility use a level system. The names of three levels are known.

The detained teenagers begin on the orientation phase which basically is isolation until the teenager breaks down and accept the banishment.

The upper levels are called Honor or Elite.

In the enrollment contract it is stated that it is not allowed for the parents to indicate a date if the teenager ask when he is going to be released. If they choose to, the child will be expelled from the facility. A part of the program is to apply pressure to the detained teenagers by making them believe that they could risk being kept at the facility until they are adults.


The parents are not informed about visitation and phone policies until they have signed the enrollment contract and paid for the stay. However in the enrollment contract it is stated that the teenager has not right to phone calls until he has passed the orientation phase. The phone calls will be monitored and if the child choose to speak about subjects the staff members feels out of the question, they have the right to terminate the call.


The staff threatens to the teenagers to Tranquility Bay regardless that this facility belongs to a competitor [5].


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