Tjele Efterskole

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Tjele Efterskole is a continuation school located in the hamlet of Tjele [1]

The school was founded in 1985 [2]

Program structure


They did offer education for normal functioning students with limited reading skills at form 8 to form 10 according to the guidelines from the department of education in Denmark.

Living Standards

The students live in small dorms where 2 or 3 students share a room. Typically 14 students share a dorm. In a dorm there both rooms with girls and boys [3].

Various rules

Unlike the laws in the society it is not allowed to drink alcohol on the campus. Opposite some continuation schools they don't extend this rule to the travel back home in the weekends [4]. Drugs are forbidden [4]. Students who break these rules will be expelled. While smoking of tobacco is allowed on assigned areas of the campus as of July 2010, the school will try to guide the student to quit smoking [4].


According to students the school was raided by the police in the schoolyear 2004-5 and a lot of students were expelled [5]

July 2007 the school was ordered by the Court in Viborg to pay DKK 119,000 to a teacher they fired wrongly [6]

January 2010 it was reported that the parents of three students had complained the department of education because their children had been expelled from the school [7]. The board of the school started their own investigation trying to alter some policies [8]. While the department of education didn't find cause to intervene mostly because the school is privately run, the dispute resulted in the retirement of the head-master [9] [10]. The subject of the complaints is not publicly known but the head-master did later get fired from the job he moved on to before he started working [11].

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