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Turning Winds is a behavior modification facility located in Troy, Montana.

The detain teenagers between 12 and 18. At the present time they are able to detain 36-40 teenagers.

The program last about 12-18 months according to the information on NATSAP [1]. It was founded in 2002.

They allow the use of Teen Escort Companies and even to a point recommend it [2].

Program structure

The use a level system with three levels.

  • The first phase is called Orientation Phase. During this phase the facility works on breaking the spirit of the teen, so he or her believes that the stay is needed. The length of this phase is four to six months.
  • Level two is called Transition Phase. This level include a number of visits to the home of the teenager as a kind of probation, where the teenager has to show a subdued behavior in order to demonstrate that he or her is ready to live back home again.
  • The last level is called Aftercare Phase. The teenagers now are welcomed back into his or her own home. The family are provided with a network to support them in adjusting their child in the best way. A visit back to the ranch for a final adjustment is also recommended during this phase.

In the news

The facility was located Lake Cocolalla before moving to Troy after an incident where staff members were charged with misdemeanor injury to a child, but this charge was dropped to spear the child from testifying [3]. The facility later relocated because of a tense relationship with the local authorities.


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