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Tvind is the name of an international school centre in the small town of Ulfborg in Denmark, founded in 1970.

Continuation schools

Among businessese they run a number of continuation schools in Denmark.

The Danish parliament passed a law, which forced them to run each school as an independed business.

In 2001 the continuation schools, which were under control of Tvind were [1]:

Name Founded Closed Remarks
Den Internationale Efterskole i Helsingør 1979[2]
Den Internationale Efterskole på Bustrup 1983[2]
Asserbohus Efterskole 1978[2] 2004[3]
Den Internationale Efterskole på Tvind 1978[2]
Den Internationale Efterskole på Skydebanegård 1985[2]
Juelsminde Efterskole 1978[2]
Roskilde Efterskole 1978[2]
Vamdrup Efterskole 1977[2]
Den Internationale Efterskole på Boserup 1974[2]
Bogense Efterskole 1979[2]


In the 1980s and 1990s, negative media was linked to the global corporation due to a waning faith in socialism and some scandals related to the authoritarian pedagogic methods used by the Tvind teachers.

The Tvind schools were soon put under scrutiny and criticism. Not so long after all the bad press in the 70s, the founder of Tvind Mogens Amdi Petersen disappeared from the public eye.

Amdi Petersen was not seen until 2003 when he was arrested in the USA for charges of tax evasion presented by the Danish government.

In 1996 the Danish government passed a controversial law cutting government funding from a number of specific Tvind schools, However in 1999 this law was judged by the Danish Supreme Court as contradicting the Danish constitution.

In 2005 a 41 year old female staff member was convicted on three counts of sexual relationship with boys aged 14 to 16 at once of their facilities [4].

In 2006, Mogens Amdi Petersen and other prominent members of the Teacher Group faced tax evasion and fraud charges in a Danish court.

On August 31, 2006, Mogens Amdi Petersen, Tvind spokesperson Poul Jørgensen, Kirsten Larsen, former Chairman for the Humanitære Fond Bodil Ross, Financial Director Malene Gunst, lawyer Christie Pipps and Ruth Sejerøe-Olsen were all acquitted of charges. Former Secretary in the "Humanitære Fond" Sten Byrner was found guilty on a lesser charge. He was given a one-year conditional sentence[5][6]. The public prosecutor appealed the verdict to a higher court. However this appeal is still pending due to Mogens Amdi Petersen and the other accused disappeared shortly after being acquitted at the lower court [6].

In January 2009 Tvind spokesman Poul Jørgensen was found guilty of fraud, and sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment. He was said to have been responsible for money being given to the organisation's private businesses, and not declared for tax purposes [5] [6] [7].

As of January 2009 Petersen, Larsen and three senior Tvind members were wanted by Interpol, and their location unknown.

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