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Uinta Academy is a behavior modification facility located on two locations near Wellsville and Lewiston [2][3]

It was founded in 2003

They can detain 44 girls aged between 12 and 17

The program last 12 months [1].

Program structure

According to statements made on the myspace group of former survivors the program has become stricter. This description of the program can be unacurate due to changes of the policy.

They use a level system.

They use horses in their treatment of the girls.

The campus in Lewiston functions as transition home.


It is kwown that there are weekly calls between staff and the parents. There are also a monthly meeting in order to discuss the progress of the girl in the program.

Whether they allow direct communication at all time between the girl and the parents is unknown.

They have home visits, but a staff member will be in the home with the family to ensure that the family live according to the standards of the program during these visits [4]

News / Media =

They have problems with the local city council. They can not expand with a third campus [5].


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