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|Andrei Quick||20||[[Escuela Caribe]]||August 2005||Stabbed <ref>[ Andrei Quick, R.I.P.], a thread on a Myspace survivor group</Ref>
|Andrei Quick||20||[[Escuela Caribe]]||August 2005||Stabbed <ref>[ Andrei Quick, R.I.P.], a thread on a Myspace survivor group</Ref>
|Blaire Milliken Webbe||[[Mission Mountain School||November 9, 2005||"Unexpected" death <Ref>[ Several long-time locals passed in 2005], by Scott N. Miller, Vain Daily, December 29, 2005<br>[  Blaire Webbe RIP], a thread on Fornits webforum</Ref>
|Blaire Milliken Webbe||21||[[Mission Mountain School]]||November 9, 2005||"Unexpected" death <Ref>[ Several long-time locals passed in 2005], by Scott N. Miller, Vain Daily, December 29, 2005<br>[  Blaire Webbe RIP], a thread on Fornits webforum</Ref>
|Kerry Layne Brown||25||[[Brightway Adolescent Hospital]] and [[Tranquility Bay]]||June 6 2006||Unknown <Ref>[IN LOVING MEMORY OF KERRY LAYNE BROWN] - A life cut short, COALITION AGAINST INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE</Ref>
|Kerry Layne Brown||25||[[Brightway Adolescent Hospital]] and [[Tranquility Bay]]||June 6 2006||Unknown <Ref>[IN LOVING MEMORY OF KERRY LAYNE BROWN] - A life cut short, COALITION AGAINST INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE</Ref>

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This page contains a list of names of children lost during program (LDP) or at some point shortly after the program.

Death's / missing people before year 2000

In the 1970's

See subpage: Victims in 1970's.

In the 1980's

See subpage: Victims in 1980's.

In the 1990's

See subpage: Victims in 1990's.

Lost during program

Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
Michael Ibarra-Wiltsie 12 (R) Eckerd Youth Alternatives February 5, 2000 Restraint - 300 pound staff member restrained the 65 pound boy by lying on the top of him [1]. Mother killed herself and his sibling in 2005. She never recovered from his death [2].
Sabrina E. Day 15 (R) North Carolina Group Home February 10, 2000 Restraint [3] [4].
Randy Steele 9 (R) Laurel Ridge February 6, 2000 Restraint [5]
Willie Wright 14 (R) Southwest Mental Health February 4, 2000 Restraint [6]
Candace Newmaker 10 (R) Evergreen Attachment Center April 18, 2000 Died during re-birth [7] [8]
William "Eddie" Lee 15 (R) Obsidian Trails Wilderness Camp September 18, 2000 Restraint [9]
Dionte Pickens 14 (S or M) Three Springs Detention October 2000 Suicide or murder. The leather belt he was found hanging from was not supposed to have been in his cell [10] [11]
Tanner Wilson 11 (R) Facility in Gerard, Iowa February 2, 2001 Restraint. A staff member - Lori Ann Ingham - was charged [12].
Stephanie Duffield 16 (R) Shiloh Residential Treatment Center February 11, 2001 Restraint [13] [14]
Ryan Lewis 14 (S) Alldredge Academy February 13, 2001 Found hanging [15] [16]
Angela Miller 17 (S) Echo Glen Children's Center March 1, 2001 Suicide [17]
Tony Haynes 14 (N) America's Buffalo Soldiers (Arizona) July 1, 2001 Heat stroke [18] [19]. Staff was sentenced, which are rare.
Valerie Ann Heron 17 (A) Tranquility Bay, Jamaica August 10, 2001 Official recorded as accident, but several vitnesses have seen a suicide note being destroyed by staff [20] [21].
Aaron Albert Grey 16 (N) Alberta Children's Group Home December 21, 2001 Frozen to death during an attempt to escape [22]
Katherine Lank 16 (N) Red Rock Ranch Academy January 13, 2002 Fell to her death [23]
LaTasha Bush 15 (R) Daystar Residential Treatment Center February 14, 2002 Restraint [24]
Matthew Goodman 14 (R) The Lindens February 6, 2002 Restraint [25]
Erica Harvey 15 (N) Catherine Freer Wilderness Program May 27, 2002 Neglect [26] [27] [28].
Ian August 14 (N) Skyline Journey July 13, 2002 Neglect - heat stroke [29] [30].
Charles "Chase" Moody 17 (R) On Track Wilderness (Brown School) October 14, 2002 Restraint [31]
(Unknown) 15 Catherine Freer Wilderness October 20 2002 Unknown reason [32]
Jamal Odum 9 (R) New Hope For Children S.C. 2003 Restraint [33]
Orlena Parker 15 (R) Devereux Cleo Wallace March 10, 2003 Restraint [34].
Corey Baines 16 (A) Catherine Freer Wilderness March 26, 2003 Head crushed by tree - recorded as accident [35].
Daniel "Danny" Jack Matthews 17 (B) Pinellas County Juvenile Detention May 31, 2003 Fatal fight in prison [36]
Jerry Trivett 15 (R) High Pointe, Oklahoma June 1, 2003 Restraint [37].
Omar Paisley 17 (M) Miami Dade Regional JDC, Florida June 2, 2003 Ruptured appendix [38]
Maria Mendoza 14 (R) Krause Children's Center October 12, 2003 Restraint - ruled homicide [39].
(Unknown from Virginia) 17 The Family Foundation School March 4, 2004 Maybe suicide - fell from second story balcony [40]
Unidentified Boy 16 (S) Island View July 2, 2004 Hanged himself at the facility. The facility promised to conduct an evaluation [41]
Karlye Newman 16 (S) Spring Creek Lodge October 8, 2004 Found hanging [42]
Matthew Meyers (unknown) (UI ) Lonestar Expeditions September 9, 2004 Unknown cause [43] [44]
Roberto Reyes 15 (N) Thayer Learning Center November 3, 2004 Neglected illness [45][46]
Garrett Halsey 13 (R) Grafton School, Inc December 23, 2004 Restraint [47]
Travis Parker 13 (R) Appalachian Wilderness Camp April 21, 2005 Restraint [48]
Linda Harris 14 (R) Chad Youth Enhancement Ctr. September 18, 2005 Restraint [49]
Shirley Arciszewski 12 (R) Group Home, Charlotte, SC September 2005 Restraint [50] [51] [52]
Kasey Warner 13 (UI) Via Quest Behavioral Health October 8, 2005 Under investigation [53]
Willie Durden 17 (M) Cypress Creek Juvenile Correctional Ctr. October 13, 2005 Medical [54]
Christening "Mikie" Garcia 12 (R) Star Ranch Youth Camp December 4, 2005 Restraint [55]
James White 17 (NC) Summit Quest (PA) December 12, 2005 Undiscovered enlarged heart [56]
Martin Lee Anderson 14 (R) Bay County (Sheriff's) Boot Camp January 6, 2006 Restraint [57] [58] [59]
Joey (Giovanni) Alteriz 16 (R) Via Quest (Summit Quest) February 4, 2006 Restraint [60]
Angellika Arndt 7 (R) Northwest Counseling & Guidance Clinic May 26, 2006 Restraint [61] [62]
Lenny Ortega 12 (A) Star Ranch Youth camp May 30, 2006 Accident [63]
Natalynndria Lucy Slim 17 (UI) Presbyterian Medical Services July 13, 2006 Under investigation [64]
Dillon Peak 14 (UI) De Soto Outward Bound Camp June 17, 2006 Neglected Illness [65] [66]
Elisa D. Santry 16 (UI) Outward Bound Wilderness July 16, 2006 Under investigation [67] [68]
Rocco D. Magliozzi 12 (M) SUWS Idaho July 28, 2006 West Nile virus treated too late [69] [70]
Alex Cullinane 13 (M) Back to Basics Christian Military Academy August 12, 2006 Untreated illness [71]
Unidentified Boy 15 (UI) Tryon Boys Juvenile Rehabilitation Center November 18, 2006 Possible death due to restraint [72] [73]
(Unknown male) 16 Aspen Achievement Academy April 2007 Found hanging [74] [75]
Caleb Jensen 15 (UI) Alternative Youth Adventures May 2, 2007 Neglected infection [76] [77]
Brendan James Blum 14 (UI) Youth Care/Aspen Education Group June 28, 2007 Neglected illness [78] [79]
Katherine Rice 16 (OD) KidsPeace May 2, 2008 Overdose [80]
Faith Finley 17 Parmadale Family Services December 13, 2008 Restraint - suffocated on vomit [81] [82]
James Richard Shirey 14 Diamond Ranch Academy January 10, 2009 Unknown [83][84]

Cause of death

  • (H) Homicide
  • (S) Suicide
  • (R) Restraint
  • (N) Negligence
  • (NC) Natural Causes
  • (A) Accident
  • (M) Medical
  • (B) Beating
  • (BA) Boating Accident (drowning)
  • (UI) Under Investigation
  • (UK) Unknown
  • (OD) Overdose

Lost after leaving the program

Due to privacy issues we don't state cause of death unless it is stated in the reference.

Name Age Program Date Cause of death (If investigated or published at all)
David Poprik 20 Carolina Springs Academy and Tranquility Bay January 2000 Gunshot wound [85]
Corey Murphy 17 Paradise Cove and Spring Creek Lodge March 21 2000 ?? Gunshot wound [86]
Meredith Fick 17 Copper Canyon Academy December 9, 2002 Found dead [87].
Shane Reardon 20 Academy at Swift River February 2004 Found dead [88]
Evan Leonardus Koch 22 Carolina Springs Academy July 14 2004 Unknown - died in bed [89]
Bridgett Loverda Lowe 19 Cross Creek Programs October 23, 2004 Odd trafic accident [90]
Annie Leone 14 Sagewalk October 2004 Unknown cause - but her memorial page has a link to a suicide prevention organization [91]
Mike Schemmel ?? Mount Bachelor Academy February 3 2005 Found dead [92]
Randi Koetz 17 Casa by the Sea April 9 2005 Found hanging [93].
Trevor Eric Stokol 25 Rocky Mountain Academy July 22, 2005 Disappeared in Nepal. Body not found. Is concidered death.[94]
Andrei Quick 20 Escuela Caribe August 2005 Stabbed [95]
Blaire Milliken Webbe 21 Mission Mountain School November 9, 2005 "Unexpected" death [96]
Kerry Layne Brown 25 Brightway Adolescent Hospital and Tranquility Bay June 6 2006 Unknown [97]
Carter Lynn (unknown) Tranquility Bay June 7 2006 Under investigation - found hanging [98].
Patrick Wayne Kennedy 19 Hidden Lake Academy October 16 2006 Complication with medication and more [99]
Lukas Nathaniel Swanson 18 Cross Creek Programs December 2006 Overdose [100]
Christopher Judge Groener 19 SUWS of Carolia
Academy at Swift River
December 24, 2006 [101]
Scott M. Falkenberg 18 Spring Creek Lodge February 7 2007 Unknown cause [102]
Daniel Crane 17 Sunhawk Academy February 18 2007 Traffic Accident [103]
Marc Epstein (Unknown)) Darrington Academy September 11 2007 Traffic Accident [104]
Miya Must-Tofel 28 Mount Bachelor Academy November 15, 2007 Possible suicide (Method not stated) [105]
David Julian Chalmers 24 Academy at Swift River November 26, 2007 Succumbing to the addictive disorders [106]
Angela Williams 37 New Bethany Home Unknown date 2008 Complications from lifestyle [107]
Nicole Margaret Cirillo 20 Unnamed Wilderness program in Florida March 25, 2008 Downed [108]
Alicia Orihel 23 Pathway Family Center August 9 2008 Suicide [109]
Michael Joshua Reuben 22 Academy at Swift River September 2008 Overdose [110]
Abby J. Bennett 19 Escuela Caribe September 25 2008 Unknown cause [111]
Frankie Laurita 25 Academy at Swift River October 5, 2008 Unknown cause [112]
Rachel Joanne Weiner 20 Cross Creek Programs December 25, 2008 Claimed overdose [113]
Franklin Wofford McGill 20 Mount Bachelor Academy, Hyde Schools
and Sober Living By The Sea
February 15 2009 Suicide [114]
Kellen Donald Coatney 20 Peninsula Village March 7 2009 Fell from roof under influence [115]
Carol Anne Brown 18 Hyde Schools April 12, 2009 No cause specified, it is mentioned that she suffered from bipolarism and depression perhaps due to her stay at the facility [116]

Missing in action

Youth who have dissapeared from a program. Whether they are dead or living under a different identity is not known. Dates of dissapearces is not acurate as most programs won't report escaped because they wan't to avoid bad press. They settle in private with the parents instead.

Name Age Program Date Status
Daniel Yuen 16 (2004) CEDU Around 2004 Perhaps sighted around San Francisco [117][118]
Thomas Glendye 17 (2005) Academy at Swift River August 15, 2005 Removed from NCMEC October 2005 - unknown cause [119]
Gage Duane Gersema 16 (2009) Phoenix Outdoor Program July 5, 2009 Escaped the outdoor program together with two other detainees. Remains free while the other two were captured [120]

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